And the winnings keep on coming!

May 24th, 2007 → Leave a comment

Hey, so aside from the fact that I paid $400 to the mechanic today to fix some leaks in my transmission….and spent the day going up and down LA by bus (man, do I hand it to the carless in LA, it’s not easy!)… I have more winnings to report!

Ok, so remember that pad commercial contest I entered for Lunapads. Let me refresh your memory…

Well… I didn’t win first place. Which is fine because the woman who did win put a lot more work into her commercial than I did. And who the heck needs $250 in re-washable pads anyway?

But they did give everyone else who entered $100 in lunapad product!

Hell yes! Shopping spree! Get down with my rewashable pad self!

(And who says the Wongster can’t party?)

And so much fun considering it’s my “Buy Nothing Year.”

Now, I’m not sure what the heck to do with all these new re-washable pads. I have plenty as is to hold me over until menopause. I don’t need more. I’m not sure I know any woman who would want to get these as a gift because every time I tell another woman I use cloth pads, I get this response: “Bitch. You crazy.”

But they have all sorts of balms and undies. And I was actually looking at these cloth hankies. I thought that might be something to get and use instead of paper towels and disposable dinner napkins. It would cut down in the long run on a lot of waste. They also have these “Divacup” things that I’m totally scared of. They are like cups you stick in your jojo to catch your period. Yikes. But they are better than tampons supposedly.

Not ready to try out the sea sponges though. Ew.

Aren’t you glad you read my blog today?

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