can’t sleep

May 20th, 2007 → Leave a comment

my show tonight was amazing. it was way past sold out. So many friends and new friends in the audience. the audience was with me the whole time and i improvised all sorts of crazy shit with them. at curtain call, they all stood and it was amazing to take in.

i was so tired after i could barely stand. In fact, i sat. i sat in the lobby shaking hands, drinking tea, and thought to myself, “Oh my god. I’m Kristina Wong, and I just did a solo show. and it went really well. all these people came to see me.”

and the craziest thing of all, my childhood hero julie brown (of “earth girls are easy”) came down to see the show. we just met a couple weeks ago at this creative capital event. It was cool to talk to her after about her creepy q&a experiences. we bonded.

the whole night was unreal. and now i still can’t sleep.

i can’t believe it. i did it. i did a solo show on the most impossible thing to do a solo show on. and i did a damn good job.

i stumbled to my car. drove home. changed into my pjs. and for the last two hours had been lying in bed with my eyes wide open. thinking the same thing over and over again, “oh my god. i’m kristina wong.”

now i am on my couch with my cat typing this.

i really wish i could go to sleep. but i can’t. i’m so tired. i can’t sleep.

oh my god, i’m kristina wong.

how weird to go from being and working alone, to with a crowd going nuts for you, then alone again shocked at it all.

i’m going to look at pictures of crochet now. maybe that will help me sleep.

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