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May 19th, 2007 → Leave a comment

The show went really well yesterday despite me feeling totally off the whole time. I got some standing O’s and felt like I didn’t deserve it (what’s new) because my energy seemed uneven.

It was so nice to sell out (the theater, not in life, mind you) on a Friday night and see who all slapped down 20 greens to see me strut my stuff. Thank you all.

And now I sit around the house doing nothing as I recharge for tonight’s show.

I thought I’d share another DIY project with you….

Kristina’s Bathmat de Ex-Partners

So, as I was on the plane back home from my crazy tour schedule, I made a list of things to do while I was home for six weeks. One of these things included…

“Crochet a bathmat for bathroom.”

Am I a party animal or what?!

So a few weeks ago, I was looking for clothes I wasn’t going to wear again and decided to crochet a bathmat out of old clothes and boxers (clean) left behind by past partners. I also crocheted some of my unmentionables (clean) into the mix.

I cut them into strips and started to crochet in a square. Talk about a ritual of turning the past into something utilitarian.

What a perfect way to step on the past every time I come clean out of the shower.

Don’t hate me for my waste not want not ways.

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