I apologize

May 18th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I apologize to Alicia and others who were only trying to help by sending me the CNN article only for me to lash out at them like an underslept feral cat.

So you know, doing this show in particular makes me real edgy. This doesn’t give me the right to be a bitch, but so you know, it’s a really emotional time for me and a real emotional process. And it would be great if my friends, families, and audience would understand that I need a lot of space to meditate in weeks like these.

I am working on loving what is so that I don’t lash out at the innocent anymore.

What drives me nuts, but what I’m working on loving.

1. When people ask me to tape off seats for them for the show or anything else that the box office should deal with. This is especially annoying the day of the show. And even more annoying, the hours until the show.

2. When people I don’t know or who have never come to my shows ask me to email them a magic list of “magical grants” to fund their solo shows. Again, perhaps you should read a blog entry from several years ago about how hard I have worked to be a working artist. This is always annoying because it’s a lot of work for me to produce such a list, and something I should be paid to do, and I don’t have such a list offhand.

3. When people call me on my cell phone ten minutes before the show to tell me that they could not make the show, are lost on the way to the show and need directions, or will be late and can I save them a seat.

4. When people ask me to change the content of the show the day of the show. Or in general ask me to add “characters” to the show.

5. When people tell me after a show that they understand “Chinese culture” so much better because of my show. My show? Really? Oh boy. That’s scary.

I won’t be such a bitch next week. Promise.

I’m going to pretend to relax now.

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