When the going gets tough, the tough get crafty…

May 17th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I was so cranky yesterday. You probably could tell from my blog. And I had been forwarded the CNN article on APA depression like twenty times yesterday even though I was telling the universe to stop sending me more stuff to drive me nuts this week. (But like “the Secret” says, when you tell the world what you DON’T WANT…you just get more of it.)

So I did what any busy neurotic cat lady would do who should be working on her show and freaking out that both will have big and full audiences.

I finally plugged in my sewing machine from Craigslist and started to make clothes.

As some of you know, I am in the middle of my own personal “Buy Nothing Year.” The things I’m not buying are new clothes or gifts. I’m also trying to cut down on buying other unnecessary crap. Everything has to be made, gifted, traded, etc. No cash. The reason is not just to save money, but to be more creative with what I got and reduce what I consume.

So I made this skirt last night. Unfortunately my sewing machine only sews in reverse, so I was not able to do very clean stitching.

From Shirt to Skirt– Welcome to Kristina’s World of Procrastination!

First I started with this old polyester shirt, that was too big. My friend Nadia gave it to me because she couldn’t sell it at her yard sale. It’s still cute as a shirt, but not form fitting and just cut weird for my body.

Then, I removed the sleeves.

Then, I cut off the collar.

I sewed in a waist and sewed the sides in for my hips. Turned the buttons so they faced the back of the skirt.

Viola! a skirt!

I reused the button hole and button from the shirt sleeve to make this tab to keep the waist tight.

Yay! new skirt!

I’m going to wear this after my show this weekend! See you then!

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