And the reason why I do this to myself?

May 10th, 2007 → Leave a comment

It’s been a minute and kind of yucky to look at the blog and see the last event that marks me is the whole CSUN thing. Onto other topics…

I just did a show in Santa Cruz on Monday and am getting ready for my show in LA that happens NEXT WEEK! Man does the time fly. I’m sad I’m missing the Visual Communications Film Fest this year because I’m pretty much in rehearsals or was doing shows the whole time. I never miss that festival.

Always good to work and be busy though.

So far the reservation list looks pretty good as both shows are almost half reserved! There are only 132 seats. Sad that I’ll only be doing two shows…

I was on KPFK Radio this morning with Riku and I was saying, “I told myself the last two years that I was working on this show: Why am I doing this? This is so intense! This was such a stupid topic to explore on my own. Why am I still doing this?”

Riku asked, “Yeah? Why did you keep working on it?”

I really didn’t have a clear answer for him. But I thought about it the whole drive home. Why did I make myself so nuts? I think it’s because I’m stubborn. Because I had told people I was doing this show and you can’t back off once you make stuff public. (Well, actually you can. And many people do. But I’m stubborn as hell when it comes down to it and unfinished projects breed mega guilt in me.) That and it seemed like there was a lot of pressure to do this show. And I already committed to show dates before the show was writ.

So far that’s the best answer I’ve come up with.

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