Thank you Justin Tanthanasiridej– it was nice knowing you. Best of Luck to you and CSUN FASA.

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Dear Justin Tanthanasiridej,

I just got off the phone with a woman on staff at the CSUN Matador Involvement Center. I called them directly because I did not hear back from you about whether or not CSUN’s FASA was still participating, profiting from or promoting the “Pimps and Hos” Fundraising event last night.

I was very happy to hear of the following.

She informed me that in your meeting with her, you expressed that you were not responsible for creating the event but were merely “marketing and promoting” it. And she said that she informed you that it still was a CSUN affiliated event despite the distinction you made. She said that CSUN officials did not see the flyer as it was distributed off campus. Had they seen it, they would not have approved FASA’s participation in the event. She also said that CSUN could not be responsible for the event because of possible liabilities with sexual harassment and sexual assault that could come up at a “Pimp and Ho” fundraiser.

She also informed me of the following…

1. That you withdrew CSUN FASA’s participation in the “Pimps and Hos” Fundraising event.
2. That you/CSUN FASA took in no revenue from last night’s event.
3. That you/CSUN FASA removed/ retracted all flyers promoting the event.

Seeing that the above was agreed to and FULLY enacted, I can say that I am quite pleased that you took the road with the most integrity. I know it probably was not an easy choice to follow so last minute, but it is, in the long run, the decision that will yield the least backlash and the most growth for the Asian American community, women, and people at large. The woman at the center also expressed that the Matador Involvement Center is able to provide your organization with ideas for fundraising that do not involve demeaning women. It seems like they have a lot of resources available to student groups that I hope you will take advantage of.

Confusion may linger about whether or not you/FASA participated in last night’s event. I would suggest that you send an open letter of apology to the community at large and outline the steps your organization will take to address this incident. I was also informed by the staff member at the Matador Involvement Center that there is diversity and sensitivity training available for student clubs. It may be worth looking into and should be made a requirement for the officers of FASA.

Take care, and I hope to meet you one day in another, less confrontational, context.


Kristina Wong

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