Now I have to apologize? Knitter Please.

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I thought I retired the Big Bad Chinese Mama years ago, but lo and behold. She’s been resurrected this past week.

So it seems that one strategy that some FASA members and others who disagree with me seem to have during this whole CSUN FASA Pimps and Hos Fundraising Debacle is rather than to just say “We’re sorry. We are truly sorry. We’re going to take steps to address this.” is, instead, to attack me in all of this. The most interesting strategy I am finding are these melodramatic “Open Letters to Kristina Wong” rolling around the internet. Please. I’m not Rosie O’Donnell.

Guys, I’m just the messenger. Had anyone else had the time, they would have said the same thing to you.

Stop deflecting the responsibility of what you did onto me. Justin Tanthanasiridej /FASA, you need to step up here and take action, not against me, but to start actually fulfilling your mission and addressing what you did to the community at large.

Also, someone who identifies herself as “a Proud Filipina” said in my comments:

“I also think that you have no knowledge about what type of person Justin Tanthanasiridej is. You even attack his family by asking “Does your mother, sister, cousin, grandmother look like the women on that flyer? Are they “hos”?” Honestly, its one thing to attack Mr. Tanthanasiridej, but do you really need to bring his family in this? As far as I know, you don’t know Mr. Tanthanasiridej, what makes you think you can go ahead and assume his family are hos! Once again you are still perpetuating the problem you claim to be fighting against, the demeaning of Asian American women.

I guess if you have a hard time recognizing overt sexism being exercised within your club, you are going to have a real hard time recognizing SATIRE.

sat·ire /ˈsætaɪər/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[sat-ahyuhr] Pronunciation Key –
1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.

Of course Justin Tanthanasiridej’s family is not made hos. Of course the women in FASA are not hos. I never said they were hos. I did ASK, however, if they were hos or if they would be doing Ho-like things at the fundraiser. When I said that FASA members wouldn’t mind doing handjobs for pennies on the dollars, it was meant as SATIRE. Why did I say these things? Because my dear, when I first saw the flyer, I thought: “Are those girls with the fake boobs members of FASA?” Believe me, that’s what a few people said when they saw the flyer.
You’d think from the flyer, that maybe the women associated with FASA and FASA members are ok with being characterized as hos as that is the caption to the women on the flyer. This is why I asked the questions I did in my initial email. Because WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD THINK TO DO A PIMPS AND HOS PARTY AS A FUNDRAISER FOR A COLLEGE FILIPINO AMERICAN STUDENT GROUP?!?! A GROUP THAT IS SUPPOSED TO “PROMOTE EQUALITY AND JUSTICE”?

Am I yelling to the wind here?!

You see… “Proud Filipina,” while there is a whole “story” to go along with the flyer, it doesn’t matter what that story is. It doesn’t matter if your club was “forced” to promote a party you didn’t design. It still is FASA’s event with FASA’S name on it. Your FASA president, Justin Tanthanasiridej, chose to let your club, as diverse and happy as you all say it is, go with a very bad fundraiser. Don’t get mad at me for asking questions that many others have been asking, get mad at yourselves for letting yourselves be represented this way. And don’t take up your sob story with me about how I misunderstand the creation of the flyer, take it up with the CSUN Dean of Students who seems to be as equally as confused as I am as how it is FASA is trying to fulfill it’s mission.

One comment that has come up is that I was “racist and stereotypical when I said:

“Nothing is scarier than the idea of 200 angry Filipinos coming to my house for revenge and waking up with a Tinikling stick thrust through my heart.”

I apologize to Marc and everyone I offended with this comment. I again, meant that comment as satire. Perhaps the way the “Pimps and Hos” theme was meant as satire right? I didn’t mean to play on or encourage the damaging stereotype that Filipino Americans walk around with Tinikling sticks or get angry easily when challenged for being sexists. But I can see how my statement can be misread. Like FASA, I make mistakes too. Sure, mistakes that aren’t as big as FASA’s, but mistakes nonetheless. Sorry.

What I should have said is this:

“I am afraid that I may actually provoke anger and revenge from members of FASA or others who disagree with my sentiments that a “Pimp and Ho” party is a demeaning and sexist way to fundraise for an organization founded on promoting justice and equality. This “revenge,” of course, may not happen, as the same people who didn’t find it problematic to have a “Pimps and Hos” party are quite capable of also being peace loving and rational thinking people. But I would like to express my latent fear that I may find myself one day pelted, in revenge, with stacks of unused demeaning and sexist CSUN FASA “Pimp and Ho” Flyers (which they were distributed up until the point that CSUN officials requested that FASA redraw their participation because the event did not reflect the mission of FASA. That and CSUN could not be held responsible for sexual assault that could occur as a result of such event.).”

Yes, this seems to be less stereotypical, less racist, and actually, a more accurate sentiment.

Thank you for your feedback kids.

Now really, stop asking me to apologize when clearly, you are the ones who have yet to accept full responsibility for your actions. The more you ask me to apologize, the worse it looks on you. Really.

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