Justin Tanthanasiridej and FASA, maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are the victims here…

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Hey everyone,

I got food poisoning last night and am recovering now (aah… the karma of fighting injustice!).

Many of you have been asking me whether or not the CSUN FASA (Filipino American Student Association) “Pimp and Ho” Fundraiser still happened last night and I have no idea. Remember? Justin Tanthanasiridej didn’t get back to me. So I decided to just call the Matador Involvement Staff and find out. The lady who knows is going to call me back. I did however, in the last hour forward Marc’s email and my responseto the Matador Involvement Staff and the CSUN student paper.

Maybe I have this all wrong. Maybe it’s FASA who indeed are the victims here. It’s kind of like blaming the third world for having to resort to sex trafficking for economic survival. I realize that Marc’s email offers a parallel explaination for why FASA HAD to put on that fundraiser– money is hard to come by, this is what they had to resort to. I’m thinking this whole incident should be made even more public so that we can show the Governor how hard schools have it. That they actually are forced to perform acts of prostitution to survive.

Oh… so sad. Spare a dime for Justin Tanthanasiridej and FASA– can you?

Dear Matador Involvement Staff and CSUN Sundial Staff,

Below is an email exchange with a member of FASA (Filipino American Student Association) from last night who posted his letter to me as an open letter on the internet. It seems, according to them, because of the nature of being a CSUN student, with rising tuition, fees, etc, that this fundraiser was almost, a necessary option for them to fundraise and that “of course” the demeaning nature of the fundraiser had to be overlooked. The “Pimp and Ho Fundraiser” was not “intended” to upset anyone and the club, it seems, is actually made up of very nice people (which of course, makes up for the fact that they profited from a “Pimp and Ho” fundraiser).

How sad that funds for student groups are so low that student groups are FORCED to hold such fundraisers that demean women and reflect poorly on themselves and the university. How very sad. This poverty and desperation is actually why sex trafficking in third world countries has grown as out of control as it has. It’s not a reflection of morality, but more so of, economic circumstance. So ironic that Filipinos in America, that are part of (progressive?) student organizations must resort to the same third world tactics for financial survival. Can something be done about this? Surely if Governor Schwartzenegger knew that students actually had to hold events that resembled prostitution for money, he might kick more funds towards student activity fees.

Perhaps the FASA fundraiser can be made more public as an example of how education has really fallen into a decline and as a rallying point for why student activity fees should be increased for groups like FASA. If FASA didn’t have to worry about money, then they could focus on their mission– “promoting the cause of equality and justice.”

Please respond with any thoughts,

Kristina Wong

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