Justin Tanthanasiridej– are you still having your “Pimp and Ho” party? I’m waiting for your reply….

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So far, no word from Justin Tanthanasiridej on whether or not his Filipino American Student Association at CSUN is still having their “Pimp and Ho” fundraiser. All I know is, it sure is fun googling his name to find that my site right now, and my letters to him have come up as the #1 Justin Tanthanasiridej search hit! Hell yes! He’s going to have a lot of fun when he applies for corporate jobs years from now.

(Picture, if you will, a job interview in a high rise business office in the year 2010)

Corporate Interviewer: So, Justin Tanthanasiridej, it says here you were president of your Filipino American Student Association? That sounds like a lot of responsibility.

Justin Tanthanasiridej: Yes, our club’s mission was to promote equality and justice for Filipino Americans. We have award winning culture shows. And we put on fundraisers.

Corporate Interviewer: Well, let me google you, I’m curious to what we’ll find.

Justin Tanthanasiridej: Oh no! Damn that Kristina Wong!

Corporate Interviewer: Wow, according to this blog post on kristinawong.com, it looks like you had a “pimp and ho” fundraiser?

Justin Tanthanasiridej: Well… yes, but look, we didn’t know… and it was too late, and yeah, we had time to pull out of participating in the event, but… we were lame and decided not to… there was a lot of money to be made…

Corporate Interviewer: You mean, you actually made money by exploiting and demeaning Asian women? Even though the mission of your club was to promote equality and justice for Filipinos? That’s kind of hypocritical of you.

Justin Tanthanasiridej: I guess you can say that.

Corporate Interviewer: Well, looks like you have what it takes to work in the corporate world. You are hired Justin Tanthanasiridej!

Anyway… here’s my latest email to Justin Tanthanasiridej. (Gosh it’s fun to cut and paste his name.)

Subject: Still waiting for your response regarding tonight’s “Pimp and Ho” Fundraiser for CSUN’s FASA
To: Justin Tanthanasiridej , justinivan@sbcglobal.net

Hi Justin,

I would love to hear back from you regarding my most recent email. Are you still planning to have the “Pimp and Ho” Fundraiser tonight for your club, CSUN’s Filipino American Student Association?

I know you’ve put a great deal of work into the event, but you still have time to pull your club’s participation from the event and let FASA stand for something greater and truly prove to the community at large that you do have integrity and dignity and do indeed, true to your mission, care to promote equality and justice for Filipino Americans.

I encourage you to rise to the occasion, despite what the financial losses will be. Let this moment be your moment, FASA’s moment, to reject being part of something that is overtly sexist, racist, classcist and oppressive and let the world know that you will not profit from such an event.

You still have time to show the world that you, Justin Tanthanasiridej, and your club do have integrity.

Please repsond.


Kristina Wong

PS I’ve cc’d members of the CSUN and national community who are also anxious to hear your response.

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