And the response from FASA regarding Pimps and Hos? WEAK!!!!!!!

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Here’s the response to my last blog about CSUN’s Filipino Club’s “Pimp and Ho” Fundraiser.

Response from FASA President.

RE: CSUN FASA “Pimp and Ho” Clubbing Fundraiser
From: Justin Tanthanasiridej

Dear Kristina Wong,

I would like to apologize for the offensive nature of the fundraising flyer. CSUN FASA would never knowingly exploit Asian American women in a demeaning, racist or sexist way.

I truly apologize for what the club posted on the flyer. We were never offered the opportunity to participate in the production or delivery of the flyer.

In the future, we will review any flyers and promotional advertising that involves our organization to prevent future misrepresentations. I should have reviewed and researched the promotion. FASA will not support any future events with the company.

My intentions were not meant to offend or demean the Asian American women population and CSUN FASA is also in no way of trying to exploit the Asian American women.

CSUN FASA is a long-standing, reputable campus organization. CSUN FASA promotes cultural events that promote the cause of justice and equality. Both SPAHM and Filipino Cultural Night are award winning annual student presentations. All our members are volunteer participants from a diverse range of experiences.

Justin Tanthanasiridej

And my response…..

Hi Justin,

I thank you for your prompt and civil response to my email. I know that many young college students, especially ones that embrace being characterized as “pimps” would respond less civilly by sending people to my house to give me “a beat down.” I appreciate that you are a cut above the other pimps. You are after all, the FASA President and a young community leader.

Here are some responses I have to your responses.

I appreciate that you say that “FASA will not support any future events with the company” but the question remains: Will FASA be participating, promoting or profiting from Thursday’s “Pimp and Ho” party? If FASA is still actively promoting, participating, and profiting off of this Thursday’s “Pimp and Ho Event,” then there still seems to be a very large problem with your logic that FASA “in no way…(is) trying to exploit the Asian American women.”

And therefore, there would still be a big problem. Luckily, you still have time between today and tomorrow to withdraw FASA’s commitment and support of the event and prevent further backlash from the community at large.

Do you acknowledge that it is not just the flyer design that is problematic, but the “Pimp and Ho” theme of the whole night is problematic?

Do you also acknowledge that a “Pimp and Ho” themed night is not the most appropriate or tasteful tactic to fundraise for your organization?

While you say your intentions “were not meant to offend or demean the Asian American women population” you still forwarded the flyer quite publicly via cyberspace without any disclaimers or apologies to the flyer content. It was as if you didn’t even realize anything was wrong with the flyer until I wrote you. Did you have any conflicted feelings when you first saw the flyer? Was it only when you got my email that you realized that something was wrong? Why send the apology so late?

Why didn’t you think to pull out of the event or request a different flyer be created? After all, it is your fundraiser, and your club is bringing a crowd, you can’t be all that helpless in the matter.

I find it problematic that the President of a club whose mission is to “promote the cause of justice and equality” missed something so offensive. Will you acknowledge publicly that as the FASA president, you contradicted the mission of your club by not having a problem being part of this fundraiser and carelessly forwarding a flyer that many women find offensive?

I also think it’s interesting that you said, “CSUN FASA would never knowingly exploit Asian American women in a demeaning, racist or sexist way.” What the hell is wrong with you that you didn’ t “know” that this was demeaning, racist or sexist? Does your mother, sister, cousin, grandmother look like the women on that flyer? Are they “hos”? Is that why you didn’t bat an eye when you saw it? Is that why you didn’t know it was demeaning?

Will you acknowledge that you, Justin Tanthanasiridej and FASA could benefit from some diversity and gender sensitivity training so that you can better spot OBVIOUS sexism and racism in the future? So that you will KNOWINGLY see and stop sexist and demeaning fundraisers from happening?

Will you pledge to make an active step to unlearn your own internalized sexism and the other internalized oppressions that allowed you to even let this happen in the first place? So it doesn’t happen again and hurt so many people?

What steps will FASA take, aside from this email to me, to repair the damage done by your participation in this event? Will you issue a public apology? Will you pledge to create more thoughtful and empowering women-centered programming in the future? What will those programs be? Will you consider working closer to advisors at the Matador Involvement Center and the Women’s Resource Center to make better decisions in the future?

I’m curious.

Please respond,

Kristina Wong

P.S. Also, I have CC’d, as before, the editorial staff at the CSUN Sundial, professors at CSUN, the Matador Involvement Center staff, local community artists and activists, and others who are very interested in how you have to respond to this matter.

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