Filipino Pride? Oh no they didn’t!

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Leilani forwarded me this information about this fundraiser for CSUN’s FASA (Filipino American Student Association).

Here’s the email text that comes with it…

Come and party with CSUN FASA for our clubbing fundraiser at Level 3 called “Dulce.” The event is 18 and over, dress code strictly enforced, and a costume contest. If you guys and your friends do go please let the guys at the door know that you are with CSUN FASA. Please come out and support us at our fundraiser event. Did I mention that Hilary Duff might be there for her album release party?
Hope to see you all there,

Justin Tanthanasiridej President Spring 2007 CSUN FASA

And the flyer… (it says “Pimp and Ho” edition under “Dulce”)

And of course… my response below. Aaahh… There’s nothing I need more in my life than having 200 angry Filipinos from Northridge coming after me for trying to shut down their fundraiser.

Bring it…


Subject: Re: CSUN FASA “Pimp and Ho” Clubbing Fundraiser

Dearest Justin Tanthanasiridej,

I was recently forwarded a flyer for your “Pimp and Ho fundraiser” for FASA (Filipino American Students Association). I regret that I cannot go but I had to write and commend you on your wonderful fundraising strategy. When I was a member of Asian American student organizations in college, our fundraisers were so tame in comparison. We sold t-shirts and cookies. At our socials we invited community activists to speak and put on culture nights shows. (You know, stuff that we thought would help cultivate a united Asian American community and would instill a healthy sense of cultural pride.). BORING!

Had we had your idea of reinforcing sexism, racism, and classism AND charging for it–Man! We would have made so much more money! Here we were nickel and diming it by doing things that were “positive” when we could have just sold out the very same Asian sisters we intended to empower in our clubs!

Had we used your tactics, the current sky-high rates of suicide among Asian American women would probably have gone way down! Nothing is more empowering than seeing an image of a surgically enhanced Asian woman in a bikini with the word “ho” accompanying it! I bet the women in your club are ecstatic to finally be represented the way strong Pinay women need to be.

What’s so brilliant about this “Pimp and Ho” idea is that you really give people a dose of the homeland. The real P.I.! The Philippines is notorious for sex trafficking and sex tourism. What better way for your Filipino club to share the rich culture of the Philippines than by exploiting women here at home? As president of your club, you must be really proud that the women of FASA (they are part of this fundraiser are they not?) are allowing people to not just see them as the sex slaves that so many Filipina women escape to America to become more than—but full on HOs!!!

What’s great is that your fundraiser involves “Barkada Modern” Dance. I really hope that this dance involves the girls shooting ping pong balls out of their cooches. Just like in present day Thailand! It would be so appropriate for the evening. So modern.

So often, Asian Americans stage letter writing campaigns against the radio stations, networks, t-shirt companies, politicians, corporations, historically white fraternities etc that have depicted Asian Americans as weak, subservient butts of jokes. Your “Pimp and Ho” fundraiser is proof that those days are long behind us! If fellow Asian Americans, especially student organizations that are founded (presumably) with the intention of instilling and sharing cultural pride don’t have a problem putting down Asian women and making money off of them, then why should the rest of the world?

How much are you making off of ticket sales for this party? Cut to the chase! Why not make more money and charge for handjobs and lapdances? Like a real Philippines brothel! I’m sure the women of your club don’t mind taking pennies on the dollar and giving the rest to FASA. I know that in the Philippines, many of the women in sex clubs are enslaved, so even if your women get two cents to the dollar, you’d still be treating them better than what they’d get overseas.

So some final questions….

 I see Hilary Duff might be there. (Wow! At a FASA fundraiser? You guys are huge!) Will she be giving handjobs? I noticed her album is called “Dignity,” so maybe not. Too bad. She’ s hot.

 I saw that it’s a “costume contest.” If I come dressed as a fat balding white guy, will you let me buy one of your female club members as my new mail order bride? I’ll pay top dollar.

 If this goes well will you consider taking the “Pimp and Ho” idea further and perhaps charge an hourly rate for FASA outcall work? Run the idea by your female members, I think they’d be into it.

 Since the Asian sex trade also involves young boys, would you consider pimping yourself out? I know some older men who’d love to tap that sweet brown ass of yours.

Asian American student clubs like yours are usually founded to mobilize against racism. In fact, if you look at the history of why many Asian American student organizations come together, it’s usually in direct response to pre- and post- civil rights racial injustice.

But heck! Why fight against oppression when you can be part of it? Thanks for showing the world that it’s good to be different.

Filipino Pride!

Please Respond,

Kristina Wong

P.S. Have you looked at CSUN’s “Code of Ethics”? It’s located here.

It’s so good to know that the “Pimp and Ho” party “reflects the mission of the university…” and “helps students realize their educational goals.” I know I have a much clearer vision of CSUN and would love for my children to CSUN and one day be part of a FASA fundraiser.

P.P.S. To show you how much I commend you for your innovative fundraising strategy, I am CC’ing the staff at the Matador Involvement Center so that they will know how hard you are working.

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