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April 11th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I got into Chicago from Philly this morning after staying up all night. Sleepwalked to a cab, got dropped off at Anida’s at 7am and passed out for a few hours on her couch.

Now I’m at a cafe and already gearing up for going home. This Friday I’m finally home! Tomorrow I do excerpts of my work at DePaul and show some stuff on DVD. And also while out here I’ll be checking out some male strip clubs for a travel article for Playgirl. We are going to a place called “The Lucky Horseshoe” tomorrow– it’s free to get in and features tons of hot male strippers.

I make a living talking about being crazy and looking and writing about dong. It’s a wonderful and funny life. While other people are trading stocks and making companies merge, I am on Anida’s couch on my cell phone asking club owners, “So are the guys all naked or do they wear thongs?”

So what was great about the three day stint in Philly was I got to work with all these amazing artists that I normally don’t get the chance to work with (especially since I work solo so much of the time). It was incredible. We worked together for 24 hours and created a full length show. A GOOD SHOW, in that time. We will put up again in June in New York.

I realized so much that I want to change about my life as an artist after having the inspiring experience last weekend of creating work for the fun of it.

* I need to create more. I need to find more time to do my work and work out creatively. Not just creating huge big projects to tour and “sell” but small stuff for myself and my own creative growth.
* I need to extricate myself from so many discussions about the “business” or “politics” of the art world. A few conversations are ok. But after a while, talking about it at length is draining and unfun. And somebody is always unsatisfied with someone else in the art world. So no need blabbing about it at length.
* I need to “diversify my portfolio” as an artist. Have a bigger arsenal of things that I can do as an artist and human being. This means taking more classes in different arenas, reading more books, and getting better at doing different things.
* I need to find more time for me and more time for my friends. Rewards are great.

I’ve decided that when I am back in LA I’m going to reward myself with morning bike rides to the beach, a facial and massage, and spend some days doing nothing but watching TV and crafting. My friend Traci and I were even talking about taking a pole dance class together!

The free time isn’t going to last too long. And it seems I don’t have much of it. I have some TV show pitches to follow up with, shows in LA and NY to put up, more grants to write, and my site is going in for a massive redesign.

But…It’s so important as artists to remember the importance of making a life, not just a living.


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