Repairing Race Relations on YouTube

March 31st, 2007 → Leave a comment

I’m in… where am I now… hmmm… Windsor, CT (according to the hotel stationary) at the Hampton Inn. I do an excerpt showing at Mt. Holyoke tonight. I left Cornell yesterday. touring is hellish. I am dragging around huge suitcases and had weird dreams last night. I dreamed I went out with a guy named “Thom” and he was totally perfect– cute, arty, and a fan of my work. And then I woke up ALONE only to be staring at my knitting needles and the unfinished scarf I’ve been working on the last two weeks!!! I was like screaming to my knitting, “Where’s Thom?! Where’s Thom?!! Go back to bed Kristina! Maybe you can catch him.”

I went back to bed but had weird dreams about missing the continental breakfast downstairs instead.

Anyway. Enough of the lame-ity.

Here’s a pic of the sky at sunset from the plane. It was so gorgeous.

Here’s a tour of the room I was staying in. I call the radiator the “furnace” and call the college “Cornell College” when it’s “Cornell University.”

And I was super blessed to run into a friend who I haven’t seen for a year since he moved from LA to the UK. He was in a play in Ithaca. We decided to make a video to repair race relations between blacks and Asians. Enjoy!

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