To Catch a Predator.

March 29th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I’m in Ithaca, NY at Cornell now. I had a great excerpt showing which followed a panel where we talked about, among other related topics, the high number of Asian suicides on the campus over the last few years.

The students put me up in a guest suite that’s in a building where kids take classes and stuff. It’s such a trip that this suite exists. Nobody seems to bat an eye about how I’m wandering around the building in my pjs and flip flops while they are going to class.

Being on the road is fun because I get to catch up with cable tv and tv in general. I’ve seen clips of this show but got to see an episode in its entirety last night….

“To Catch A Predator” is the greatest freaking show on TV!

It also makes me never want to date ever again. It’s so sad, some of those guys are just normal guys. Some of them look like cute enough guys. And yet they are so deluded that they want to show up at a 13 year old’s house. They should play this show over and over again for young women. Surely this would indirectly encourage more women to become knitting hermits.

I would kill to have Chris Hansen’s job. But instead of being all cool and casual and say, “Hi, Chris Hansen, I’m with MSNBC’s Dateline. ” I’d jump out dressed like a bush and scream, “Fool!! Your nasty ass is going to jail! I’m Kristina Wong Bitch! Recognize.”

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