Ugh, please, stalkers leave me alone. But send yarn and money first.

March 28th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I realize, yes, my latest blog entries make me seem like a pathetic little lonely cat lady who is hoarding yarn as some kind of substitute for human companionship. But they are not an invitation to stalk me.

For gods sake, if you are going to send me unsolicited emails saying things like “Wow, stuck in a hotel in a towel? … Why is it white guys find Asian women so attractive?” at least send me some freaking yarn. Or money, or airline miles. Or knitting books.

Again, let me remind you what yours truly looks like.

Sexy yeah? I also have a huge rash on my neck. It’s a skin allergy.

Now send me yarn or knitting books from my Amazon wishlist, or money. And go away! Shoo!


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