The Lonely Little Cat Lady Gets Great Press

March 28th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I’m in Ithaca, NY now at a fancy hotel typing with just a towel on. I also have a fancy rash on my neck, dry skin, and glasses. Sexy!

So anyway, this place is total suburbia. I am at the fancy hotel and the closest place to eat is the mall which you cannot walk to, even if you had the time because there are no sidewalks. It’s that kind of suburbia! So they have a courtesy car to drive you over. I ate at a Chinese place in the food court where the workers lured me over to them by waving little pieces of chicken on toothpicks. They also tried to speak to me in Mandarin. I bought a veggie plate.

It was such a wasteland as I was sitting there in that empty little food court thinking how this mall was the wee bit of excitement in town to most Ithacans.

Then I wandered into the craft store because I needed to touch yarn. I felt so behaved for not buying anything but just as I walked out I saw that they had marked down all this novelty yarn to $1. I gasped and cried dry tears as I loaded up a basket with the following guilty pleasures…

I must have really seem nuts to all the sales people because I was totally scolding myself out loud, “Kristina, no more yarn. We have been through this. Now you are going to have to lug this around for three weeks on the road. You are so bad Kristina. You are a bad person. But it’s not as bad as crystal meth and it is cheap. So it’s ok.”

I left the craft store feeling so ashamed. I am proud to say that I did restrict myself by only buying one color and I did almost buy this bead trim and put it down right before I paid. That was so hard to do.

I felt like shit because of my yarn hoarding purchase. I wandered around the mall, carrying my 8 balls of yarn/meth. But then it all got better when I walked into the Borders and saw that my issue of Vogue Knitting was out!

I sprang back into life and forgot about how bad I felt. I bought two issues! The article turned out really good. There are a couple of lines about me that I think might make me come across as actually clinically depressed, as opposed to just being Chinese, but it will do. The article also makes it seems like I am a crazy lady who owns way way way too much yarn.

Aw, shit.

Now I’m just trying to get work done at the hotel. There’s so much to get done and there’s also the amazing world of cable tv to distract me.

So, I’ll be honest. Yesterday I was seriously depressed. Performers often talk about “post partum” after shows. It’s like a baby you were so used to working on and then, poof! It’s up and down. I think it really hit when I was walking back to the theater to pack up the yarn to freight back to LA that I really felt it. I just started getting teary and then I was freaking out at why I was so teary because I couldn’t really place why it was that I was so sad. Maybe it was because my director, Katie, flew back to Austin and I was realizing I was all alone in Philly and officially traveling all on my own for the next three weeks. Or maybe because I didn’t have a full meal all day. Or maybe because the high of doing the show had finally passed. Or maybe because I almost bought a ton of yarn that morning at the fancy yarn store, before putting it back down and saying, “No, stop it” and I felt like I had a yarn problem and that nobody would ever love a crazy catpee lady with so much yarn in her apartment.

Whatever it was, all it took was some Ethiopian food and wine with my Philly friend to make it better. I’m back in action today!

I was looking at these pics from after the show, and they made me feel great too.

Here’s a stranger who bought one of my gangsta “WONG” hats. His dad bought one too.

Here I am drinking myself under the table after the show. That’s Katie, my director.

Here are the youth volunteers from Asian Arts Initiative rocking my hats. They are all siblings.

Ok, just going to get myself prepped for my excerpt showing at Cornell tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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