Boiling live turtles and dreams of reality show grandeur

March 20th, 2007 → Leave a comment

Thanks everyone for your concern. Especially Helena who always worries about me. I am in Philly, in my hotel room and totally am fine. It is icy out. And as I was dragging my suitcase around and slipping around on the ice, I was happy to be here and so well taken care of. We had a big meeting at the top of the week yesterday. Eight people in attendance to make sure my show would be going off well. It’s shocking to be around people after working alone in my home office all this time.

A week where I get to be an artist and not an admin? Absolutely amazing. That’s what this week is. I cheerish it.

The show is in great shape. We do need to polish off some areas and figure out what my intention should be in certain parts, but it’s really come a very long way.

Tonight I do a workshop for Swarthmore students.

So it looks like if I am ready to sign my life over, I could be a reality tv star/ tragihero. Yes, apparently I’m going to network. I’m going through the paperwork now and it’s overwhelming and not something I really wanted to deal with while here in Philly.

I overslept this morning. My dream last night was that my mom wanted me to boil a turtle alive for soup and it kept crawling out of the pot. I kept putting it back in the pot and it kept crawling out. I finally had to hold it upside down, dunking its head in the boiling water, until it suffocated and boiled to a cook. When I pulled the turtle out it had a big scary smiley face imbedded in the head.

Then I had a dream that involved Jaeda, from the last round of America’s Next Top Model, and my friend Yi. They were all competing to see who could be the most intriguing to the guys and Yi lost and ran off and got mad at me for some reason. I ran after her and hugged her until she forgave me.

Strange. Strange the anxiety ridden dreams I have during show week.

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