My first attempt at stand up…now on YouTube!

March 18th, 2007 → Leave a comment

It’s 10pm. I leave for a month in about five hours. My show in Philadelphia is just next week! Can you believe it? I’ve been working with my friend Nurit and we’ve run through the show twice in her living room. It’s in great shape! And best, it’s not running at 2 hours!

I drank almost a whole quart of prune juice (in attempts to finish my groceries before I leave) and now my stomach is a mess. You want to mess with someone? Don’t sneak them poison, sneak them prune juice.


Anyway, Mike helped me digitize and add captions to my stand up set from last Sunday. I’m quite proud of how well I did considering it was my first time doing stand up and for a bunch of drunk white people who didn’t know me. Unfortunately, the video on youtube doesn’t come out as crisp as I’d like it to, so it’s hard to see all the little faces I make, etc. And some of the audio might be fuzzy because it was all recorded via camera mic.

Anyway, I’m proud and wanted to share.

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