Embracing the Sexy Cat Lady that I am.

February 16th, 2007 → Leave a comment

Wow, last night was so weird. My friend Anida called me because I seemed so depressed over the cat pee thing on IM and we agreed that I had the right to have a crappy day and do nothing. Considering how hard I work, it was ok to spend a day of moping around the house.

And I always have my disgusting yarn stash to keep me company. Diana took a small bag of yarn off my hands. We are going to trade for headshots. I got enough yarn to trade for headshots until I can play elderly. These pics below only feature like 1/4 of my problem.

there’s a woman in stockton with carpal tunnel who liquidated all of this for pennies on the dollar to me. i couldn’t say no.

the sad stash tucked behind the couch.

the stash in my office.

So I have decided that it doesn’t matter that I’m still hot and in my 20s and am the cat pee yarn hoarding lady. So what if other people my age are dating other hot people and partying while I’m crocheting baby blankets and writing grants? Dammit! Having sex, or a relationship, or even friends is unnecessary when you have YARN!!! My life is awesome! And I’m happy being a big hermit with my crochet hook.

Nobody can hook a beanie with an I hook the way Kristina Wong can! I’m the best hooker, this side of my building! Long live the sexy crocheter!!!

Life is awesome. Being a single cat lady who owns a cat who pees on you is awesome! Yarn is awesome! and I AM AWESOME.

(I chant this as I wipe a tear from my eye).

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