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January 31st, 2007 → Leave a comment

With API Heritage Month coming up, mental health awareness month, grant deadlines rolling in, and a lot of stuff in general coming up, and just too much to do, I find myself in high demand. I have decided to let everyone in my blog world know.


More importantly, I need booking help. I am getting lots of requests to do shows (please! keep them coming!) though cannot write everyone back in the quick turnaround I’d like. I need help.

Does someone out there know someone who does live performance booking semi-professionally? Or better yet, professionally?

Can someone please help me with these calls?! I cannot handle this stuff. I got a show to make better!

Please, let’s not see April turn into “Asian Pacific Islander Nervous Breakdown Month” again for Kristina. No no no!

I’ve been watching “The Secret,” that cultishly popular self help DVD that everyone in LA swears by and I have decided to do what they say.


Here are things I would like to have in my life now: a personal assistant, a masseuse, a home organizer, a housekeeper, and A BOOKING PERSON.

I must share that in my life the red seas have parted and I have turned sand to bread. I now am so filled with so much work, that I’ve had to hire people to clean my house. No, make that, clean my APARTMENT. And also do some admin stuff for me. And what’s crazier, is I can afford to do this.

This is totally insane for me. And it brings up all sorts of weird class issues to watch other people do my dishes for me and clean after my nasty self. Wasn’t I the girl who only a few years ago was picking through the trash of other artists, looking for stuff to hawk on craigslist? This is a fortuitous occasion for me, as I am completely incapable of keeping my living area clean. My kitchen looks amazing! It sparkles! And that’s because I didn’t clean it myself!

Oh the guilt! The guilt of being a grassroots activist artist who has other people do her dishes for her!

But oh the relief! The relief that I have this much more time in the day to work on what I’m really good at!

(Now… I beat myself up!)

There are just way too many deadlines at every nook, cranny and corner. I have not left the apartment today. My skin is so pallid from lack of sun.

I have become a troll.

I got a call from that artist retreat in Florida today. It’s not just in Florida. It’s on an ISLAND off the coast of Florida that is a nature preserve. Total heaven. Except, I don’t seem to have a six week opening in my schedule until Summer 2008. Oh, how I long to go now. To sun on the sand. To surf. If only there were… time.

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