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January 22nd, 2007 → Leave a comment

I am back in LA. The faint smell of cat pee surrounds me. Home again!

I had a shipment of yarn that was supposed to arrive while I was in NYC. And it hasn’t. Or at least, it supposedly did, but my subletters said they didn’t see it. Super bummer! Now I have to go to the post office and track that stuff down. Wah!!! I want my yarn!

What was nice was that my package from my holiday knitting exchange came.

My secret friend that I was supposed to knit something for lives in Florida. I made him this fancy scarf out of angora!

It took weeks to make!

Sean, my knitting exchange buddy sent me hand warmers made of merino wool. They are so warm! I wore them to dinner last night.

And he gave me other stuff too! Yarn, hand cream, wool wash, chocolate and a keychain with a little sweater on it!

It’s nice when people make you things. I appreciate a boy who knits.

In other news, today is the first day in a long time where I am doing absolutely NOTHING. I earned it. Yesterday I got back to LA and it was so stressful. I read my itinerary wrong and thought that my flight was at US Airways. Of course it was on United operated by US Airways and I was at the wrong terminal with an hour until take off. So I’m running around the curb with a gigantic suitcase at LaGuardia trying to figure out how to get on a shuttle to the next terminal and decided to flag a cab down. The cab didn’t run the meter, drove me the equivalent of 7 blocks and demanded 5 bucks for the ride. Ass. Anyway. It was like 5:00am and I didn’t sleep because I pretty much stayed up late so as not to miss my cab to the airport. The plane ride was ok. Though we did hit major turbulence and someone on the plane started screaming which freaked the heck out of everyone.

Then I landed. Vince drove me from the airport to my apartment. And then I rushed to get ready to teach. I packed my car full of supplies to teach my workshop and then the car wouldn’t start! The battery was dead!

I had half an hour to get to Van Nuys.

So I started calling women from my workshop to see if any could pick me up. Two of my participants in K-town hadn’t left yet and swung and got me. I called my friend Latrice who is in the workshop to see if she would hold it down til I got there. I was already tired and undernourished and jetlagged. I got there half an hour after our start time totally huffing and puffing and freaked out and everyone was all stretched out in child’s pose on the floor.

Well, the workshop went well. Everything was more than under control when I arrived, and the women participating are excellent.

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