“And now for my next act, I will attempt to live in the back of a Lower East Side gallery for another week!”

January 14th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I am so happy because I moved this morning from my squat in the LES to a two bedroom sublet on E 25th (should I be giving approx streets like this on my blog? oh well.) I’m subletting from a comic who is pretty freaking famous and was on a reality show who I guess I should know about if I actually watched tv. It’s so nice and cozy here. It’s not that I couldn’t have stayed at that gallery taking care of Steve and tidying the space up for another week, but when it comes down to it, I’m just a freaking princess that needs a lot of space and a toilet that half of the Lower East Side hasn’t used.

Man do I have stories about staying in that gallery. It wasn’t like poshy posh gallery in Williamsburg or Chelsea as I thought it would be when it was described to me over the phone (by Steve– who’s blind!). It was in a 6000 year old building with all original parts in the LES that had almost been burned down years ago. It was such a sitcom hanging out with Steve and sleeping in this backroom. All these characters coming in and out. He has tons of stories and says really funny shit (“Oh god, I’m 150 years old but back then I’d deal with women.”).

I was so freaked out on the cab ride over here. I couldn’t and still can’t find my day planner! And it had the address to this place. And the guy who is doing the trade off with the sublet, his phone number wasn’t working. And I was thinking, “Shit! Am I going have to live at that gallery the rest of the week? Nooooooo!!!!”

But I finally got through to the guy who was subletting up to this point and now I’m here.

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