i am in new york and so tired i can’t hit the shift key to capitalize

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hi everyone.

in new york. got here last night.

i’m staying in the lower east side with steve cannon, the blind director of “a gathering of the tribes” an art space in the lower east side. i’m staying in the back room where books and old files are stored. steve lives here and sleeps on the couch. there’s a bunk bed left by some performance artists in the back room where i sleep. he’s quite a character. for my stay here, i get him cigarettes in the morning (he’s such a neighborhood regular that the guys at the bodega know the cigs are for him because what chinese woman smokes winstons?) and coffee, tidy up here, and read the paper to him.

i was interviewed today for a documentary on hip hop theater. (yeah, you knew i was gangsta, and now it will be immortalized on the mid sized screen.) it was shot at the production company and i think the doc will get a lot of play. they have all the heavy hitters of the hip hop theater world in it. so amazing that they wanted me to be a part of it since i’m a newbie (and i often fear i’ll be called a “fraud”). of course i thought of a million more intelligent and witty things to say on my way out of there to the subway station.

tonight, i saw an awesome show called “get your war on” based on the comic strip. it was a show put on by my friends the rude mechanicals of austin, tx.

tomorrow i chill and get interviewed by a writer from new york arts magazine (thanks nancy and mike for hooking that up!). badass. i see a show in brooklyn after that.

later on in my trip i’m going to this breakfast with mayor bloomberg and a bunch of other artists, meeting a literary agent (thanks master cleanse!), going to meet with some folks from the national asian american theater festival (wong flew over the cuckoo’s nest will premiere here in new york in june! just got the word.), and then i will hawk my wares at the under the radar theater festival at the public. i’ve been invited to be part of the speed dating for artists section! i basically sell my show to groups of different presenters before the bell rings on me! wahoo!

then i ring in my friend’s birthday, then i get on a plane back to LA and start teaching my workshops three hours after I land.

totally insane.

so much happens in a new york minute.

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