I am a filthy filthy animal

January 3rd, 2007 → Leave a comment

I got home safely to LA yesterday. I can’t believe my car made the trip. I took the 101 down to LA, 400+ miles and it took less than a tank and a half of veggie oil!

The car has been leaking fluid like crazy, yet everytime I check the motor oil and other fluid levels, everything is a-ok. Where is this fluid coming from?

I can’t believe I haven’t been home in a month. It’s always depressing to come home and see the mess I left in the rush to leave the house.

My house sitter was still here when I got back, and I felt bad for booting him out of my bedroom so I could have my nice big bed back.

But anyway, here’s why I am such a filthy creature…

— I come home and Oliver had peed all over the area under dining table. Not so much “accidents” but him marking his territory. I guess me being gone made him a little annoyed. It’s stinky still.

— My manager left me a note to clean up the carport because the mess of empty vegetable oil boxes, broken suitcases, and oil puddles was going to attract rats. I am not sure what to do about the giant vagina that’s been wrapped in a blue tarp from a show I did five years ago. It was a lot of work to make.

— My office plant was almost dead from no watering.

— Cat hair everywhere.

— I have yet to shower and wash my face or brush my teeth. And it’s almost 1pm.

Nice to be back to normal.

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