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December 16th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I did very well last night. The show ran at less than the 2 hours in Berkeley. I packed the place past capacity and the audience was with me, I think, the whole time. A standing O after! I connected with a lot of people. Many who drove a long distance to see the show. It’s amazing how people feel so open to tell me about all the mentally ill, depressed, suicidal people they know after the show. I appreciate that people feel so close to me that they can share, but I still am not sure what to say to all these things. I can only listen.

This show has been so emotional to do. Not just the content but all the pressure of doing it. The pressure from other people, the pressure to feel this show needs to be “more commercial” and appeal to other outlets, the pressure to not offend anyone (oops, too late there), and all sorts of other bs.

A friend who came to my show who I always saw as so put together shared with me a story about her nervous breakdown. It totally shocked me because I actually model part of my character in the show after her. A lot of her breakdown was triggered after Iris Chang’s death. It was really intense to talk to her. I wanted to cry with her. I wonder if this show is going to make people be reminded of their breakdowns or trigger breakdowns to come.

Thank you everyone for sending your emails of encouragement. I need so much support from friends now. It’s been a really scary, exciting, trippy ride this past year.

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