Post Partum Depression

December 10th, 2006 → Leave a comment

So it’s early Sunday and I am still alive!

My show went amazingly well last night. I love Berkeley crowds. I swear I could just chuck the script and let them shout silly stuff out all night. Which is pretty much what happened at last night’s show. I was so thrown off with how the place packed to standing room only (“Wow, I know I don’t know all of you!”), and how much they were laughing at really mundane stuff (“Hey! It’s me! Kristina Wong!”), and then there were these really strange jeers from the audience– I lost total track of all my cues and this stage persona I had worked all week to execute perfectly got totally lost in my shock and nervousness of it all.

This morning my tech Jen said to me, “You totally missed all of your cues.”

Good thing she can read my mind and was able to just start throwing lights up and down.

I almost, pretty much did, collapsed after the show. I wanted to cry, I was so tired. It ran 2 hours. Yeah, no intermission. Oops. People said it didn’t feel that long, but I felt it was that long. I guess I didn’t factor in laughter. I didn’t even think this show was that funny. The audience stood after, it was really amazing, but I felt like I didn’t deserve it. Like the show was still not it’s best. Leilani was scolding me for feeling that way. Maybe because during the show, in my head, I was having this conversation that went like this.

“God you are really sweaty Kristina, this is gross, they look bored, why is everyone coughing, are they listening, am I boring them, maybe I should have become a doctor, maybe this was a mistake, god I need to take a dump now, Helena looks great, why is ___ looking bored, man they won’t be this rowdy in San Jose….”

But I love Berkeley. These people are freaking crazy.

Onward to some fuddling and fixing of the script. And two more shows in San Jose next week!

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