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December 9th, 2006 → Leave a comment

My bowel movements made the NY Times…. Check it out…

I am approaching the biggest night in my life tonight. I haven’t drank alcohol in months, I’m single, I’ve been going sleepless and insane– all because of this show.

I’ve been staying in Berkeley all week and it’s definitely been stressful. I have cried like two or three times freaking out about something or other this week. And at least once an hour have contemplated applying to med school. Having Leilani (director) and Jen (tech) here has been good because they just start yelling, “We have no time for this! Stay focused!”

It also doesn’t help that everywhere I look I feel like I am being marketed as a stand-up laugh-a-minute comedian. Yeah, no pressure there.

This show is funny, but like black comedy, or serio-comic. Or nervous uneasy laughter funny. But I pick up the SF Chronicle this morning to see, “Kristina Wong brings her comedy to La Pena.” And a group that is promoting the show in San Jose called me something like a “comedic tour de force.”

Isn’t this show about suicide?

Last night the show clocked in at ONE HOUR and FORTY minutes. We stopped here and there, but I can’t believe how freaking long the show was running! I can’t believe I was up and standing for that long.

This show is so exhausting. I hope I can make it through the first 20 minutes. We tried to do a second run through yesterday and I almost collapsed.

On the bright side. The show is improving in leaps and bounds. My pre-show is amazing. And the arc of the show is becoming clearer and clearer.

The full report will come tomorrow. If I’m still alive.

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