Yay Vince!

November 15th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I got back last night from that shithole called Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was there for a performance conference. Can I blame kids for picking up a meth problem when they live in places like that? Man, that place was a ghost town. So boring. And the food was so bad. The last night they had a big dinner for everyone and it was catered. That food was actually good and everyone stood up to applaud the kitchen because it was the first time any of us had anything good to eat in days.

What made the exit out of Cedar Rapids even more challenging was that I missed my flight and was wandering around the Cedar Rapids airport for an extra 4 hours. I must say that it was the first airport I’ve been to that I’ve seen crochet magazines at. However, the rest of the selection was crapola. Trashy novels and mechanics mags. Ugh. I was so dying bored, ready to shoot myself. My computer freaked out and couldn’t start up and so I couldn’t get any work done.

Anyway, today was my day to get settled back in at home. I opened up a shipment of 100+ skeins of yarn. yay! I have a problem and I don’t care. I’m so excited about the year of knitting ahead.

Then I went to the Apple store on the promenade only to find that they were booked for the day, I went to Vince’s place in a panic. Vince fixed me up! It was really scary because he was popping all sorts of disks in and couldn’t get the computer to start up, then he firewired my computer to his and was able to repair the computer from his screen. Yay! Vince is my mac genius!

Anyway, I’m just hanging out here at Vince’s waiting for my Microsoft entourage whatever it’s called to repair itself.

I’m home in LA for two weeks until I leave for the Bay Area.

Woo woo!

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