Will Knit for Airline Miles…

November 15th, 2006 → Leave a comment

So as many of your know I have been making my living as of late on the educational and non profit theater circuit, doing shows and residencies at schools. Spreading knowledge and madness to young college aged kids.

It seems though as of late that budget cuts are really taking a toll on the touring artist economy. And the budgets available to bring artists in are shrinking significantly. This means we have to get creative and figure out ways to save schools money so they can still get us out there, and so that it doesn’t cost us money to take the gig. For example, when I was in Michigan last week, my tech and I stayed in someone’s home, instead of a hotel, so that I could afford to pay the tech person.

I was just at the National Performance Network meeting in Iowa last week where another artist suggested getting airline miles donated to alleviate that expense for schools. What a great idea I thought! Travel expenses usually make up a bulk of the cost to get out to whatever city I’m going to. If I could help schools nix that expense, then I could put more money towards making the production better and preventing a nervous breakdown for me.

So here it is. My little bitty offer. Transfer your frequent flyer miles balance to me (in any amount) and I will knit you a scarf as my little thank you! God knows I have the yarn to do it. I fly on most of the domestic airlines especially American, Northwest, and United. But I’ve also flown on ATA, Midwest, Frontier, and the others. Who knows, whatever the airline, I’m sure it will add up to whatever tiny balance I have and eventually spell out to a free flight to wherever I am touring to. I know Southwest tends to expire in one year or something like that, so not sure if I can use that unless you have a significant amount of miles, but I pretty much have accounts on most of the airlines. I don’t fly much internationally though I am planning to eventually play to English speaking countries abroad like Australia, parts of Europe, Hong Kong and Canada– so international miles are useful.

Interested? k@kristinasherylwong.com

I love you forever!



ps I hope this doesn’t come off as desperate. I really saw it as a practical and smart request myself.

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