Killing them Softly, With this Wong

November 9th, 2006 → Leave a comment

My show was last night and let me say I turned what was an otherwise shit set up into a pretty damn good show! People in Michigan get me! The last time I did a gig here was that high school conference where my ass was handed to me by kids who weren’t interested in listening to anything that didn’t involve cheering on the Pistons.

We didn’t have a real theater to do the crazy thing that was my show, though it was technically an “amphitheater.” We couldn’t hang my yarn set (not allowed and impossible), had to push the lectern (which all the bells and whistles were controlled from, as opposed to a tech booth) into a closet. My tech Jen was great and discreetly popped into and out of the closet to turn the lights on and off to accomodate my ridiculous power point demonstrations.

And it was totally packed! This is really rare for college gigs because usually kids get so busy or jaded they don’t come to stuff. But this was packed. People in the aisles! Insane! And they stayed the whole hour. Nuts! It also helped that two classes were assigned to come to the show.

Lots of people, grad students, older people, grad and undergrad students, and oddly enough, babies were in attendance. For me. Little old me.

Turns out I have more friends than I thought in Ann Arbor. My prom date from high school, Chris Bess, who goes to law school at U Mich came and brought his cute law school friends. We took a pretend prom picture.

It was fun, I totally improvised a moment in the show where I pointed him out and talked about how we went to prom together and didn’t have sex.

Yes, that’s lipstick on my face.

The questions were so intelligent too. I really felt people got the nuances of this new show. It’s a real new direction for me because this show is a lot more holistic than “Free?” which was really modular and I’m playing with some really huge concepts and trying not to rely too much on cheap and easy answers.

I still have a lot of work to do on the show before I officially premiere in Berkeley next month, but I feel really good about it, especially after last night’s show.

I teach a writing workshop later today and head off to IOWA.

Yay for good people in the Midwest!

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