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November 3rd, 2006 → Leave a comment

I’ve been back in LA since Monday. My computer went buggy. My printer went buggy. I spent hundreds on yarn last week (I justify it as a business expense because I am using a lot of knitting in my show) and on my bike ride home last night felt like I had a drug problem for being so apey about yarn. I was contemplating doing a videoblog where I cried and cried and someone out there would pity me enough to send me a big fat check.

Instead I did this…

I went to Staples.
I bought a corkboard.
I wrote myself a check for a million bucks and pinned it smack in the middle of the board.
I also cut out pictures of houses in the Real Estate section that I want to live in and pinned it to the board.
I started working on what my obituary would look like. The awards I would win in my lifetime, the businesses I would own, the books and movies I’d make.
I whited out the names on the PEN Literary Awards mailing I got and filled in my name in all categories.

I put the board in front of my desk where I can look at it every day.

The show looks like shit still, I put it up in less than a week in Michigan.

But I feel great! And so much less stress! I really recommend that everyone buy a corkboard for visualizing their dreams.

Also, thank you to Terry in Canada who bought me two knitting books off my wishlist! They are my favorite books now! When I am in the midwest next week (Michigan and Iowa), I will be working on your scarf. It’s butt cold there. like in the 20s. YIKES! But in Canada it’s worse apparently.

Btw friends, if you need a scarf in the winter, the promise still goes as follows. Buy me something off my wishlist, and I’ll send you a warm handmade scarf or hat right back! God knows I have the yarn to do it.

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