The Best Little artWHOREHOUSE in Texas!

October 17th, 2006 → Leave a comment

Greetings from Austin, TX!

I landed here yesterday. I’m sick with a cold. And I’m desperately trying to pull this show together with Katie Pearl, a director out here who help set me up in this lovely shed in the back of an Austin playwright’s home. I haven’t even gotten to meet Steve yet, but he’s oh so generous.

It’s quite heavenly. It must be what it’s like to have a real residency. Just enough room to think and sleep and respite.

It’s nice here. Here’s the tour…

Here’s my desk where brilliance comes forward.

Here’s where I take a crap.

Here’s where I sleep and listen to crickets.

Here’s where I knit and think.

Here’s where I put my clothes.

Anyway. It’s weird how this is smaller than my apartment and yet I feel I can get way way way more done.

It’s odd having clarity.

Last night I collected over 6 mosquito bites INDOORS at my friend’s house. She told me her brother got the West Nile virus in Dallas. WTF? Where the hell am I that people get West Nile?

Anyway, other than that, I have no complaints. I am writing a travel article about “sexy things to do in Austin” for Playgirl since I’m out here anyway. But my priority is really getting this show together, so I literally feel like almost every place I end up might end up in that article! (HEB Grocery mart anyone?) We’re going to do a public showing of what we come up with before I leave so that when I do my show in Michigan first week of November, I feel that much more confident about this show.

Yay for non- scary parts of Texas!

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