This is what the party people do on Friday Night!

September 30th, 2006 → Leave a comment

Vince said something really sweet to me after watching my video blog: “You really got something here.”

I said, “Really? All I did was talk about poo.”

He said, “But you did it with heart.”

So like any party people would do on a Friday night, we decided to do some videoblogs together. I’m posting the first of three blogs we did tonight.

So, here is the first one we did. It’s humble. It’s us. The worlds biggest losers on a Friday night in Los Angeles.

The last two videoblogs (not posted) descended into a long revelation that Vince is a ubernerdo pedophile into model making who will never get laid. The last two blogs we made also demonstrated that I am doomed to die alone with my knitting. Vince was like, “I’ll never get laid if you post the second and third ones.”

Trust us, the blogs we’re not posting got pretty lame and pathetic, especially the last one where we talked about “hobbies.”

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