Day #4 of Master Cleanse, Don’t leave the back door unlocked.

September 28th, 2006 → Leave a comment

Yeah, so um. Here I am at Day #4. God, I can’t wait for this shit to be over. Yes, the fast too.

My friend Jin has the flu and we were emailing about all the foods we are going to eat when this crap is over. Our list includes Ethiopian food, greasy Chinese food, and Ramen. I never crave Chinese food, so this is insane. I’m taking food appointments. Anyone want to join me when this is all over? Anyone want to watch me reverse the benefits of my fast in one meal?

So freaking sad. I opened up my kitchen drawer today and started to read all the Chinese menus. I was reading each dish and imagining eating them. I was going to cry. I’m really craving these chow fun noodles that I get on Noriega Street in San Francisco. It’s from this restaurant called JUMBO and the noodles are chow fun with rock cod and greens. It’s not on the menu. I saw someone eating it and asked for it. It’s so good and it’s less than $5. It’s enough to feed two people.

Oh, god, food paralysis.

Other than that, I am making little progress on my new show. I can’t wait to go to Austin where I will kick that baby into shape.

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