Day #2 of Master Cleanse– god what I’d do for some fried trout

September 26th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I never thought watching someone eat noodles on a janky youtube movie would make me want to kill someone for a taste of one of them. I don’t feel as hungry today. i just really miss food. I just made a fresh batch of lemonade and am anticipating the infamous Day 3 when all sorts of uglies from years gone by come slowly crawling out of me system.

Today I got some work done planning for my trip to Austin where I will workshop Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I also am figuring out some details for my reading/show in Michigan where I will pretty much present a full length version of this show.

Oh man, it’s getting down to crunch time with the planning of this show. And being hungry as hell isn’t helping. I wish sometimes I could just be a stand up comedian. It seems so much easier than what I do. At least as far as setting up a gig. I have to worry about flying technicians and props and all that kind of crap.

So how West LA cliche is this? I go down to Trader Joes today to get more lemons and maple syrup (it’s finally in stock) and while at the check out a woman sees my basket and says, “You’re on that diet aren’t you?”

I tell her how on Sunday all of the stuff I needed to buy was out of stock at TJs and she laughs.

In the parking lot a man came up to me and said, “You were in the paper weren’t you?”

I flip my hair, but in a hungry kind of way and say, “Why yes, that was me.”

As I drive home, I can smell my exhaust and want so badly to pull over, put my mouth over the pipe and get a taste of whatever chicken or whatever had been frying before in that oil.

God, I can really sense food. I can smell it from blocks away.

My tongue is white. It’s kind of scary. My taste buds are numb.

Ok, back to this life. This life without food.

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