Day #1 of the Master Cleanse– Am I nuts?

September 24th, 2006 → Leave a comment

My friends have been doing this fast called “The Master Cleanse” periodically over the last few years and for some crazy reason I decided that instead of spending all the money I do on groceries and eating out that it would be an awesome way to clean up my intestines and save a ton of money. Oh man. I’m only chugging on my first thing of lemonade and I already feel hungry.

Here’s what’ the mix consists of. I have to do this for 10 days, but because I can’t eat really crazy complex foods as I ease off the fast (ie “don’t eat steak and eggs” as soon as I get off fast), it’s more like the next 12 days…

Maple Syrup
Lemon juice (from lemons)
cayenne pepper

An optional salt water flush with sea salt and water

and a laxative tea

Since I am working in LA the next few weeks, it works well. It also helps that I am working from home because apparently being close to a bathroom mid-fast is really imperative.

Geez yikes. I got a feeling this blog ain’t going to be pretty come Tuesday.

If I get hungry, I’m supposed to just drink more lemonade.

This isn’t necessarily saving me much money. I had to go to bed bath and beyond last night to buy an electric juicer ($27). And then I went to Trader Joes, but I swear, everyone must be on the cleanse because there were no lemons, no cayenne pepper, and no maple syrup anywhere to be found. So I went to Ralphs and spent $27 to get lemons to last three days, syrup to last only about 3 days and pepper to last the whole fast. But after this, the lemons and syrup is all I need.

Yay crazy person on a fast!

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