CONTEST: Name my Workshop.

September 18th, 2006 → Leave a comment

Give us a name!

I’m trying to come up with a name for my next performance workshop for women of color. The last time I taught a workshop in 2005, I called it “VPL: Visible Performance Lines” to specifically play on the initials “VPL” which can also stand for “Visible Panty Lines.” Somehow in my panic of putting the grant together super fast I thought this was a brilliant and subversive name for a workshop. (“Oooh! we don’t care if you can see our underwear! We are badass women!”)

Yea, nobody got it. Even after my explanation before our workshop showing. It illicited a few chuckles, but my vision for the feminist movement went kaput.

I put the grant application in again to teach another performance workshop for women of color in 2007 and in my application called the workshop “Fierce.” Even though, I was kind of groaning about the name of the workshop. “Fierce” is a way overused word by young feminists.

But, I got the grant!

I’m still able to change the name of this upcoming workshop. So I asked my past participants to give me names for this workshop. Marcus’ idea is that I find some latin words for parts of the vagina and call it that. Ugh. I don’t know that any of these suggestions from my past participants work either…

Vagina Catalog
Boobs on Stage
(because it’s made strong enough for a man but pH
balanced for a woman…not really. just like
saying it)
Running Like Girls

Anyway, here’s a new contest! Name my new 2007 women of color performance workshop and I will send the winner a handicraft!

Email your suggestions to me at k AT kristinasherylwong DOT com

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