Jimminy Lame-o, the Queen of Complete Unromance

September 16th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I have been asked to write two more articles for Playgirl today! Yay. I’m a paid journalist! One article I am writing I cannot tell you about (too embarassing) and will be written in a pen name. The other is a travel column about sexy places for sexy people and sexy things that happen in LA (because they can’t afford to fly any of their journalists to LA).

I’m so lame I had to email my friends for suggestions of sexy places in LA to go to and do.

I’ve lived her for ten freaking years and these are the most romantic things I’ve come up with so far…

Merkato, an Ethiopian restaurant on Fairfax
Palms Thai, where the Thai Elvis sings
Highways Performance Space
The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Man! I’m freaking lame! These are all places I just ate at last week or go to on a semi-regular basis. They aren’t romantic. Who am I kidding?

Can I seriously try to convince millions of readers that my life is really that sexy by just naming the lame-o places I go to on a regular basis as places that are the sexiest places to go in LA?

I might as well say VONS and my apartment are a Casanova’s paradise.

I swear. I’m sexy. I swear.

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