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August 21st, 2006 → Leave a comment

I am leaving NYC in t-minus 2.5 hours. The Chinese car service is coming to get me. What a trip it’s been. It’s been really emotional. And of course, I’ve been terrible at documenting everything and thus will be doomed to repeat my mistakes. I went to a BBQ tonight wrapping up the Hip Hop Theater Fest. Such a nice way to end my stay. It was at Danny Hoch’s lovely pad in Brooklyn. While lounging outside on the hammock, my face and legs were eaten by mosquitos and now one eyelid had a great new shape to it.

Last night I went to another party in Williamsburg. It was a rooftop birthday party of a friend’s roommate and he turned 38. He took off all his clothes and had everyone give him one spank for one year until he had been spanked 38 times. The whole time his large nutsack was swinging around. The scene was so strange and yet so totally normal.

My friends here are so amazing and staying in my own single up in Union Square has been such a blessing. One thing is for sure, there’s way too much LA bashing out here in NYC. Sure sure, LA sucks for so many reasons, but so does NYC. I’m looking forward to being back home with my bicycle, my cat, my partner, my yarn and my life. I also look forward to stepping outside my front door and not crashing into 600 people and city rats all in a rush to get somewhere and also not smelling sewage brewing outside my door.

There’s so much I want to change about my life. I don’t know what exactly. But this trip has really given me a lot of perspective to play with.

Here are some pics from my trip…

Here I am rocking the Trader Joes shopping bag on a ferry to Governor’s Island where I watched this big site specific dance show yesterday afternoon. I ran into my friends from LA, Nehara and Derrick (the cute couple in the back) who were in town!

On the Lower East Side, Colleen’s friend Peter lives on the sixth floor and has roof access. He screens bad movies from the roof in the summertime. We watched Carmen Electra’s Strippercise video and “The Room.”

Do you know about this trainwreck of a movie? If you are in LA, you may recognize the horror movie-esque billboard in Hollywood that’s been up for years featuring writer/director/lead actor Tommy Wiseau. It’s actually promoted as a “black comedy” with a plot that revolves around a love story. The movie is so wrong and terrible on many levels but somehow this cyborg of a man was able to raise 6 million to make it. It’s a hit on the midnight screening circuit and the audience throws stuff at the screen. I can’t wait to go now.

Ok, time to pack some more and clean up around here.

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