“I’ve had it with these mutherfucking snakes on this mutherfucking plane!!!”

August 18th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I had so much fun last night! I went to see a preview screening of “Snakes on Plane” in Brooklyn. I actually bought an advance ticket on Fandango in case it was sold out (which it almost was). We snuck booze and cashew nuts into the theater. This movie was so fun because the audience who came for the 10pm screening was so rowdy and kept making hiss sounds and screaming “snakes!” during the middle of the movie. It was like Rocky Horror except better. Everytime Samuel L. Jackson said something that eluded to the ridiculous plot, but said it with complete earnest commitment, the crowd went nuts. And there was so much gross humor, like snakes bitting people in the boob, cooch, and penie. Now I have a whole new language of sexual innuendo to work with (“Can I put a snake in your plane?”).

I swear this movie will open a whole new host of drinking games, inside jokes, and awesome quotables.

And now, I have the day free, to perhaps, get work done! I’ve made no progress on the show while out here. I’ve met a lot of people who will be instrumental to helping the show tour but that does me no good if I have no show to tour.

I was downtown the other day and saw the original Project Runway Designs on display…

They looked less impressive up close than on the show.

Here I am at the Summer Stage Dance performance last week in Central Park with my new friends.

I can pretty much assure you that none of these guys find me attractive.

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