Savor the Flavor?

August 14th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I’m still in NYC, at a Starbucks in midtown. There’s a television with cable at the sublet I’m staying at. Goddamn, television is interesting. It’s hard to turn off. I find myself watching it and saying, “This is more interesting than art.”

What I can’t shake from my head is the new season of “Flavor of Love 2.” I’ve caught the end of the first two episodes and I’ve been obsessively reading about these women. REading their interviews, the IMDB comments on the show. How people are talking about body issues, race issues, and class issues that have come up in the show.

I watched this show obsessively (yet don’t have a TV that gets cable or even regular stations) last season and even drove to Remi’s house last year to watch the season finale. It turned out that there was a week of waiting, so I drove back the next week to watch it for real.

Somehow this new season of women vying for Flav makes the women from last season look classy.

It’s unbelievable. The women swear during group prayer. They kiss Flavor Flav upon meeting him the first night (UGH!!!). “Somethin” shit on the floor after the first clock ceremony. “Wire” a white woman who was eliminated in last night’s show said she “wanted dark babies,” and all the black women gave her a look and went off about it, yet nobody seems to question how exploitated they are in the show and how much diginity they lack for being there.

Who are these women?

Well, leave it to your truly to look them up on imdb. Someone posted all these links to the women’s sites. Some have done porn and almost all of them are trying to be models. I guess VH1 really had to scrape the barrel to find people that hungry for that 15 minutes.

And the women from last season apparently are on a “world tour” of sorts. Coming to a local dive bar near you!

It’s really sad. I remember when car/ booty models were somewhat novel and even sexy, but with the advent of myspace I wonder, “Is everyone in the world a band member/ internet model/ or pushing a solo show?” How did a woman in lingerie become so boring? So blase?

Even Oprah can’t stand it.

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