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August 10th, 2006 → Leave a comment

The half week I’ve been here, I wake up in this beautiful private studio in Union Square here in Manhattan and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of walking a block down the street to the maddening crowd.

In the past week and a half I’ve crocheted/knitted about 7 hats. I should meet my goal of 10 hats in a few days.

i feel a little bit of post partum sadness after the retreat. I went from being surrounded by hundreds of amazing people who were talking to me a lot and having every moment filled with knowledge, to being surrounded by a lot of people and not feeling like talking to any of them and having a lot of unstructured time. So I’ve just been typing away at the Starbucks, watching Project Runway, and emailing folks.

I did go to a dinner tonight at a gallery near Times Square. That was a trip. I was randomly invited to go by an artist who I met at a dinner in Brooklyn last night… At tonight’s gallery dinner, we sat at a long table, lit with candles, and ate spaghetti. It was so how I imagined upwardly mobile artists in NY live.

Here’s a pic from last night’s dinner in Brooklyn. My friend Jeff who I met at the retreat lives with his partner in an amazingly huge studio in Brooklyn. The dinner was so nice because it was more room to sit down and relax than I’ve experienced in the last few days. His loft is amazing. It’s like on TV when they show fancy artist’s loft. It’s apparently, very rare.

How do people cope in such little space?

Well, as theater starts up this weekend, things should be less boring. I could after all start doing work!

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