Is this what it’s like to be pretty?

August 8th, 2006 → Leave a comment

So ever since my stardom was made apparent by my pink car and validated by the LA Times I’ve been getting all sorts of random friend requests from strange men on myspace. One 99 year old white man with no picture wants to take me to the Oscars.

But what was cool was getting an email from a reporter at Current who wanted to do a profile on me. Like the dumbass I am who knows nothing about tv, I said, “What the hell is that? Public Access or something? I only know Skinamax and CBS!”

Unfortunately because I am in NYC for the next two weeks, that story may not happen.

I also got a few emails from women friends congratulating me. And apparently at home, a neighbor left a note of congrats about my front page calendar pic!

But what I can’t get over is all this attention from random men. A whole crop of stalkers has come my way all because Kristina Wong decided to get a little pretty.

Anyway, what’s up? A girl puts on fake eyelashes, a nice dress and poses by a car and suddenly she’s the belle of the ball? How come nobody paid this much attention to me for my smarts and for my even more remarkable solo performance career?

May I remind you assholes that without makeup I look like this….

And with makeup, FAKE lashes and two hours of grooming (which I refuse to do on a regular basis), nice lighting, a good photographer, and 50+ test shots later, I look like this…..

Silly boys. Don’t make me file a restraining order on you.

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