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August 4th, 2006 → Leave a comment

wow, since my last post i’ve gone through an intense two days of artist business training. Everything from how to have a conversation with someone to financial planning to developing my “elevator pitch.” This grant is so freaking amazing. Not only is it a nice amount of money to sustain the project but a larger investment in the business tools for life. Last night after our training we were greeted by over 100 professionals from the arts field– fellow artists and presenters from major art institutions. We had dinner with them and it felt in ways like some odd challenge a la “America’s Next Top Model” where suddenly the professionals were here and they would grade us on how well we were applying our knowledge.

Today we present our artistic work to everyone in formal video, powerpoint like presentations. It’s odd that there are 40 of us here and we’ve only gotten to know each other as people in the last couple of days. I forget quite easily that I am surrounded by the most amazing cultural voices in the country. It’s quite nice that the format is such that we learn about each others work later in the week,rather than earlier in the week because we don’t get into that jealousy ego and judgement shit that I was describing in earlier posts. And in many of these workshops, other artists have vocalized what a struggle it is to stay alive. Here I thought I was the only one who was climbing up a cliff with my bare hands.

But what was affirming was when an artist who was leading the training sessions said, “You have made the decision to be an artist, and that is the hardest thing in life to do. If you can make that decision, you can do anything else.”

I’m so nervous about my presentation. I got a glimpse of some of the other projects. They seem so much more interesting and fancy and just plain out more aesthetically pleasing than mine. I put together some really silly slides in photoshop. So I went through my speech last night and started peppering it up with some dirty jokes and stuff. Hopefully this will keep them awake.

I’ve been making hats since I arrived, and here they are….

My goal is to make about 10 hats by the end of my whole NY trip. I look pretty yucky in these pics because it was late and the food here is slipping and sliding right out of me. sexy!

i may give this to an artist who gave me some art yesterday as part of a trading project she’s doing. it’s my first hat with flaps and tie strings!

ok, wish me luck! need to prep my presentation!

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