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Yesterday was so awesome. I had a two hour photoshoot with the LA Times. I thought they would snap and go but we did all sorts of crazy shots with me sitting on the hood of the benz, me draped alongside the car. I think the photographer was impressed with how I posed like a trained car model. (Shit! I was up all night studying import car model websites! Of course I was going to do this right!)

As for wearing a bikini in the photoshoot, after a frantic email from my mother, two of them, and several phone messages where she said that “only someone with no shame would wear a bikini and sit on a car,” I opted for wearing cowboy boots, a skirt, and a strapless top. It was just as sexy. (Besides, I don’t own a bikini.)

The article should print next week! I’m so excited!

The show opened last night! I was so nervous as all hell. It’s such a big space that even peals of laughter sound like giggles. Leilani said I did great but after killing at the Public and having people stand up in the first 7 minutes of my piece, every other shows seems to be “ok.”

And at the show last night, someone said they heard me on NPR talking about my car. So I did a little hunting and found the link… I am only interviewed for a second and am credited as “Kristine Wong” but oh well… close enough. I show up at about minute 4 of the interview….

I hope you will come by the show!

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