Wisdom from Yeh Yeh

July 9th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I took my grandfather out for lunch just now (well, he treated me, I drove). What a sight we were! Me and my 87 year old grandfather driving about in this pink vegetable oil Mercedes on Clement Street. These thuggy kids walked by as I was starting the car, pointed to the hood and said, “Yo, that color is tight!”

I had to stop at Smart and Final for vegetable oil.

I said, “Yeh Yeh, I have to fuel up.”

He said, “Now?!”

I guess he didn’t realize I could fuel up right in the parking lot. Then he watched patiently as I poured oil into the tank and then he said, “Sorry I cannot help you.”

As I put the shopping cart away, he was trying to get into the passenger seat and these frat boys watched in confusion as my grandfather slowly stepped into my eco-pimpmobile, his cane over his arm.

I’ve been recording little movies of him with my digi camera. I must sound like such a bitch on them from behind the camera because I have to practically yell out the questions so he can hear them. Where were you born? How old are you?

Over lunch I asked him what he thought of my partner. He said, “It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what you think. This is a free country. That’s what people always say.”

(So I guess this is the go ahead for my repressed urges to explore beastiality to finally be unleashed.)

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