And we have a first draft ladies and gentlemen!!!

July 7th, 2006 → Leave a comment

So, five years later, after dragging this freaking “I’m writing a novel I swear” proclamation around like a toxic ball and chain, I have it!

A very messy, filled with holes, grammatically inconsistent, totally needs work first draft!

It’s about 120 pages (of hundreds of pages of writing I’ve done in the last few years) of various writing bits that I’ve cut and pasted together in an emotional/ chronological order of sorts. It’s still a total mess and like most first time novelists I still expect to add and subtract, edit edit edit and slash and burn for another few years. (Maybe if inspiration strikes it can happen all this year!) I heard something like a novel will average 12 drafts before being beautiful. That sounds about right.

But this feels so good. I was so sick of this project for so long. Felt so helpless. Hated it. Felt like a failure. But finally, I feel like a sculpter who has gotten enough sediment out of the river, clumped it into a nice maleable block and am ready to really start sculpting this baby.

When this is all over, and I’m happily published, I look forward to starting a new life as med student.

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