Leaving NYC for the moment…

June 26th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I’m leaving this crazy town which is making me broker by the minute. Jezoids, I’m not even staying at a hotel but it’s like the minute I leave my friend’s place in Brooklyn I can hear the cash registers ringing me up! Where is this money going? Let’s see–food, ticket to see Sarah Jones on Broadway, more food, cab. Freak, it’s pricey. It’s raining and early in the week it was hot and humid. I feel like I’ve been camping all week. This city is like urban backpacking.

Now I am just killing time until the Chinese Car Service takes me to Penn Station.

I don’t have time for a huge blog but I wanted to set up a little contest…


First person to guess correctly will receive a handicraft (made by me!) in the mail. Email your guess to k[AT]kristinasherylwong.com. I’ll post correct and incorrect answers in my next post. I will also give out honorable mentions, and maybe more prizes if your answer is close and creative.

What an awesome trip this has been. Colleen and her friends can really drink. They keep a great blog called “Stoop to Our Level” about hanging out in a yuppie neighborhood in Brooklyn and trying to keep it real as the last of the lower income bracket.

Here we are last night, I was taking the picture…

Such a simple idea and yet really beautiful. It seems “the art of stooping” doesn’t happen much in that neighborhood, which is too bad because it’s a sweet little tree lined street in Brooklyn. We were pretty loud and I think all the neighbors got an earful about really personal stuff we were ranting about. I did a little Flashdance/West Side Story dance off in the street. The whole scene was so “227” or one of those sitcoms where people hang out on the stoops.

It’s been a great stay and I’ve been contemplating this whole “bi-coastal artist” thing and how I can make that work. I had some really great meetings out here and I think I can see myself coming out here more over the next few years. Pretty exciting stuff.

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