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Wow, are all these people waiting for tickets for the Hip Hop Theater Festival? Oh…. no… they are actually waiting for free tickets to Macbeth in the park.

Oh man, yesterday was the greatest New York Day I could have hoped for.

I tore the house down! I’m not even bragging! But I am. I got two standing ovations in my 15 minute set! One was halfway through the set and then when it was done, the crowd was loving it so much I pulled up my dress up to reveal my unitard.

Here I am backstage in my mega fancy Flashdance unitard. I did this whole tribute to Flashdance in my piece.

It was like I could do anything I wanted and they would love it. I couldn’t believe it when they were standing up and I was only done with the first of 2.5 pieces. I was thinking, “Am I at the Public in New York City at the NYC Hip Hop Theater Festival and are people I have not met before today standing up for me in just six minutes? Oh shit.”

This is Kokai, the winner of the “Voices on Blast” Competition. He was awesome.

Yay for strangers who love me!

So many people I hadn’t seen forever had come, my friends who live out here, a friend from high school who I didn’t even know lived out here, and even some strangers who had been to my site or saw my desperate “please come to my NYC show” email float by on a listserv somewhere.

And as if the night couldn’t get more awesome, I took the elevator down to the lobby and saw a group of Asian folks and was like, “Oh wow, are they here for me too?”

Actually, no, they were there for Sandra Oh who is in the play “Satellites” also playing at the Public.

I was too shy to say hello, so instead I took these paparazzi pics and also I crashed this group photo unbeknown to all the folks in this pic.

(Can you spot me in this picture?)

She’s not as tall as you’d think. The Wong is taller.

Then I went to Rififi, this bar in the East Village and who do I see but David Cross and Jeaneane Garafolo!!!! I saw more stars last night than I ever have in Los Angeles. And what’s crazy is they were all within touching distance. I was too shy to say hello to Jeaneane but after some liquid courage had no problem totally assaulting David Cross. My friends told me to play it cool. But no way man, it was David Cross.

Our conversation:

“Oh my god! I love you! My boyfriend and I love watching the ‘Don’t put your dick in these holes’ sketch! We watch it almost every morning. And sometimes we start singing the Auld Lang Syne song to each other. I loved watching ‘Let America Laugh’! How are you? I love you!!!”

He said, “I love you too. You have flowers.”

I said, “I just did a show at the Public. I love you!”

He looked impressed for a half second, and then I think my screaming made him suspect I was lying that I did a show at the Public and then he said, “Oh? ok.”

I said, “We have to take a picture! Oh my god! I love you!”

He said, “Ok….Can I hold the flowers?”

I said, “Yes of course, I love you!!”

New York, I love you too!! I’m on fire!

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